Vesatx PMC-07 Pro Review



A high-end 2-channel mixer great for all applications, especially scratching. Features include durable PVC faders, improved sound quality, and powerful 3 band EQs. Hamster switch reverses the crossfader to suit a scratch DJ's preference. Also offers curve adjustment for crossfader and channel faders.

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Staff Review

Vestax PMC-07 Pro Review

By Pearce Cleaveland (aka DJ Terminal) djterminal@djbooth.net

I own a few different mixers, and they all serve their own purpose. They are all have features which benefit me in some way, and for me, they each have their specific use. For me, the Vestax PMC-07Pro is my all-around work horse. I have been using this mixer spinning hip-hop fueled music in clubs now since it came out, and while it has been replaced in Vestax’s lineup, it will remain in mine for the time being. EDM dj’s… there is no use for you to keep reading, I will be honest, this is a true battle mixer… not many crossover points awarded here. But like I said, anyone spinning hip-hop fueled music (rap, rnb, booty bass, ghettotech, breaks, bmore, etc…) read on, you might be convinced.

I’m going to write this review a little different from my normal reviews, for one reason. It is very unlikely that you will find one of these mixers to buy brand new, so I will write this review aimed at how to help you buy a used one, and get the most for your dollar.

Upon first sight/feel you will notice that the 07pro is a tank. It is heavy, and solidly built. All the knobs, faders and switches are solid, and have a quality feel to them. They layout is typical of any battle mixer, and everything is in the right place. Looking over it though, you will notice that the eq knobs aren’t in fact knobs, they are sliders. This is a huge bone of contention for many djs, and I will admit, it took me some time to get used to. After using them for a while in the clubs though, I really like them. They are easy to adjust, and being as they are laid out like a graphic eq, it is easy to imagine what your sound should “look like” and adjust from there. In the beginning I found myself sometimes accidentally bumping them too far one way or the other when I was eq’ing, but that is just part of getting used to it.

The crossfader and level faders feel great, and have that signature Vestax click. As expected for any battle style mixer in it’s price range, you will find curve adjustments for all three on the front panel of the mixer, as well as reverse switches on all three faders, allowing you to hamster the level faders. The front panel is also where the headphone jack resides.

With further examination of the tops side you will find that this is a no frills workhorse, designed to be simple, and just to work. The “line/phono” selectors are 2-position, which sometimes leaves me wanting a spring loaded 3-position switch, especially when spinning with Serato and transforms with the switch result in the horrible high pitched time-coded vinyl output sound. Not a big issue though.

There are two balanced ¼” mic inputs, and each has a separate level control, and a single bass/treble eq that controls both of them. The outputs are ¼” which is nice, and you can technically output to two sources via the Session mix/Master out, which I will get to later on. The mixer has a standard set of inputs on each channel (phono/line), but you have to be careful because the RCA jacks are stubborn, and will sometimes come out of the mixer still connected to the RCA cord. This has happened to me maybe once, and they pop right back in, so again… not a big issue.

On to the session mix, which I love, and use regularly. It is simply a sex of RCA in/outs designed to facilitate the connecting of another mixer, kind of like daisy chaining them together. When you connect another mixer to the 07pro the sound is regulated by the master volume of the main mixer, and also by a session mix knob on the top side of the mixer. You can also use the session mix to connect something like an iPod, or computer (via 2.5mm to RCA cord). If you do this, however, you will have no eq control of the connected device, just volume. This is nice though, to connect an ipod or something additional when messing with a 3rd source. Again, the dual output options are nice, and both regulated by the master volume slider.

Whew! That about sums up the mixer itself, now here are some of the downsides. First, there is no Master Level monitoring. The led level meters only monitor the individual channels, I’d like a master output, but not a big deal. The vestax PCV crossfader is great, but I found its duty cycle to be a bit low (it wears out faster than other battle style faders). My biggest problem with the 07pro is the adaptor for the power supply. The connection from the ac adapter to the power cord simply self -destructs, stripping itself from the adapter (the part you plug in). This renders the mixer useless unless you have an extra, and could potentially be a safety hazard, leaving bare wires. Vestax was nice enough to replace two of mine, but that will not likely happen if you buy a used one. The last gripe I have is the top panel screws, you must remove them to access the faders, source selectors and such, and they strip easily. Forewarning is fair warning, so watch out.

My final verdict: Overall the Vestax PMC-07Pro is a great all-around, no frills but workhorse of a mixer. You can pick one up fairly cheap used, but watch out for the power supply, top panel screws and rear rca connections. Before you buy one make sure the crossfader and other faders are in good working order, with no bleed, because these will cost you a pretty penny to replace. If you are looking for fancy stuff, you won’t find it here. But if you are looking for a great gig mixer, that you will be able to squeeze every penny you paid for out of it… get one.



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Vestax PMC-07Pro Hits/Misses

Hits (+)

(+) Built like a tank

(+) Great crossfader feel

(+) No frills features

(+) Session mix ads tons of options

(+) Two mic inputs

Misses (-)

(-) No Master Level led monitoring

(-) Shoddy power supply adapter

(-) Top panel screws strip easily

(-) RCA rear connectors pop out of place easily

(-) Slider eq’s take some getting used to

(-) No 3-position/spring loaded source selector