Vestax PMC-08Pro 2 Review

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Vestax is best known for it’s scratch mixers, and over recent years the PMC-05, 06 and 07Pro have become the choice of top turntablists around the world, and this year Vestax is unveiling it’s latest addition to this genre, the VESTAX PMC-08PRO 2. This new hybrid mixer offers a combination of technologies, with digital processing for supreme quality and flexibility, and an analogue interface for true dj-style control.

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NAMM 2010 - Vestax PMC-05proIV Mixer Announced!

The world's most successful hip-hop/scratch mixer series introduces a new version of PMC-05PROIV. Over the past several years in development, the new 05pro is characterized by a new type of intelligent design. Click the link below to find out more.