[Video] Pioneer DJM-2000nexus Announced

Pioneer has just announced the all-new and super-powerful DJM-2000nexus professional DJ Mixer. This new mixer makes the perfect companion to the CDJ-2000nexus media players and can do things no other mixer can do. The DJM-2000nexus has a cool new 5.8-inch full-color multi-touch screen to control effects, a built-in Live sampler for recording and playback, and a cool Pro DJ-Link LAN cable section which allows users to sync and connect up to four CDJ's and two laptops. Check out the video, press release, and my full breakdown inside.

Pioneer DJ has formally announced their latest and greatest mixer the DJM-2000nexus. The new DJM-2000nexus has features I've never before seen on a DJ mixer and its sure to have DJ's everywhere buzzing for some time to come. The DJM-2000nexus is advertised as the perfect companion for the CDJ-2000nexus and it allows the user to take advantage of the internal Pro DJ Link to share music (Via LAN cables) between up to four Pioneer CDJ's using only one SD card or USB drive. The Pioneer DJM-2000nexus can also connect to up to two different computers (also via LAN cables) to make for easy transitions or for sharing music and files between the whole setup.

The Pro DJ-Link also allows DJ's to use the new Beat-Slice and Sync Master features found on the DJM-2000nexus. The Beat-Slice is just like the slicer that is found on the VCI-380 or the new Pioneer DDJ-SX which basically slices the music from the players into smaller equal parts so they can be mashed together for some cool new mixes. The Sync Master feature lets DJ's set a master player so that the other CDJ's can sync to the correct BPM.




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The DJM-2000nexus has a 5.8-inch full-color Multi-Touch display for remixing beats and adding effects by touching the screen. There are four different modes to the touchscreen which are Beat Slice, Frequency Mix, Sidechain Remix and MIDI Mode. These modes are explained in more detail in the press release below. The DJM-2000nexus also has a built-in Live sampler so users can record from the Master output or the Microphone input and immediately playback the recording on a CDJ-2000nexus or CDJ-900.

There's so much more going on under the hood of the DJM-2000nexus that I'd be here all day writing to you about it. The DJM-2000nexus will drop sometime this month for a cool $3,000. I'll work on getting a review unit for a full breakdown. In the meantime, check out the demo video above and also read the press release and the Pioneer website (

found here

) for more information... Stay Tuned...

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[Video] Pioneer DJM-750 Mixer Announced

Pioneer DJ division has just announced their newest DJ mixer in the professional "DJM" line dubbed the Pioneer DJM-750. This new four-channel mixer has a built in 4-in/4-out USB soundcard and a host of effects options such as the brand new Boost Color FX, the Sound Color FX, and the Beat FX which can be combined to create over 100 types of effects for even more creative options. Check out the pricing, full press release, performance video, and my thoughts after the jump!


[Video] Pioneer CDJ-2000NEXUS Announced

We all knew it was coming very soon and today Pioneer Pro DJ introduced its new flagship CDJ player, the CDJ-2000nexus, with lots of new features and technologies including Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with Pioneer’s new rekordbox App for iOS devices, and new functions such as Beat Sync, Wave Zoom and Slip. Also upgraded this time around is the selection screen interface for better music searches and waveform display, increased visibility of the needle search pad, and improved master tempo sound quality. Check out the video, press release, and a quick breakdown inside.


Pioneer DJM-S9 Unboxing [Video]

The new Pioneer DJM-S9 Serato DJ Mixer sports eight RGB backlit pads for each channel, dual USB ports for easy DJ switch-overs, and a new Magvel Pro scratch crossfader that has many unique adjustments and features for todays scratch DJ's. The DJM-S9 is like taking the classic DJM-909 mixer and a DDJ-S1 to give you all the Serato DJ goodness one could hope for. Check out our full unboxing & first impressions video inside and stay tuned for the full out video review.


Pioneer DJM-T1 Traktor Mixer Video

While scouring through the internet, I was able to find a cool new video on the new Pioneer DJM-T1 Digital Traktor Mixer. This video is a nice demo showing many of the key functions of the DJM-T1 while DJ Jekey shows you all it can do. This mixer also provides full DVS functionality, meaning that you can plug your analog decks directly into it without the need for an additional soundcard like the Audio 4. I've already seen the price tag of about $1500 floating around the internet so it's anyone's guess how many people think it's worth it. Either way, we will have one very soon for a full Video Review. For now, check the video inside.


Pioneer DJM-850 Unboxing & First Impressions Video

The new Pioneer DJM-850 four-channel Traktor Scratch Certified DJ mixer is now in the DJbooth Lab for a full HD-Video review which will drop in the next couple of weeks. The Pioneer DJM-850 comes in silver or in black and can be used for Traktor Scratch Playback of external DVS timecode decks without the need to purchase an additional Traktor Audio soundcard. Even better, the Pioneer DJM-850 has Sound Color effects and a whole array of Beat Effects that can be applied to any input. Check out my quick unboxing and first impressions HD-Video after the jump.


Pioneer DJM-850 Mixer Announced (VIDEO)

Pioneer has been slowly phasing out it's aging Club mixer lineup in favor of the new "Nexus" type models which have lots more features and provide a general update for their previous entries. The Pioneer DJM-800 has now has a new successor and will soon be replaced by the new Pioneer DJM-850 performance DJ mixer which was just announced yesterday. The new DJM-850 has much more functionality when used in conjunction with DJ software with its built-in USB sound card, the new BEAT COLOR FX function, and lots of other features that will get club DJ's in a frenzy. Press Release, details, and VIDEO inside.