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What DJs Are Downloading This Week - 6/16

If you're looking for what's hot in hip-hop this week, look no further. Consistently rated as one of the top record pools, <strong>Digital DJ Pool </strong>is here to provide you with the latest in what's hot in the music world.

Once again, the top of the charts hits on the popular topics of money and sex, but it's clear that summer's getting closer with this week's top picks, since a good few of them focus on partying, turnin' up and dealing with the aftermath. Of course, Jagged Edge is still about that love game, and 50's still a badass, but for the most part, this week's main ideas are getting throwed and getting laid.

  1. Tinashe ft Drake - 2 On
    Tinashe and Drake are back with a new remix of "2 On," and they've ditched Jim Jones's rhymes this time around in favor of returning to a bit more of Tinashe's smooth, sweet voice.

  2. K Camp ft Lil Boosie, YG & Too Short - Cut Her Off Remix
    Contrary to some other popular rap songs, K Camp and his crew for this remix make it clear that it doesn't matter how bad these women are; if they don't behave, they get the boot.

  3. Anjali ft French Montana - We Turn Up
    A typical party song, "We Turn Up" is heavy on the snare and features a beat anyone would move to while Anjali and French brag about how they can get in anywhere, are invited everywhere and stay out all night.

  4. Ester Dean - Twerkin 4 Birkin
    Ester Dean's "Twerkin for Birkin" centers around a certain selection of ladies who get down with the upper echelon solely for the purpose of grabbing designer gear, i.e. "twerkin for Birkin."

  5. PSY ft Snoop Dogg - Hangover
    Which of us didn't hear "Gangnam Style" and think "Damn, let's get Snoop with this guy?" While that probably applies to most of us, Snoop and PSY are ahead of the game, and their release of "Hangover," an ode to everyone's favorite part of a drunken party night, just goes to prove it.

  6. Major Lazer ft Sean Paul - Come On To Me
    Sean Paul's thick, at times incomprehensible accent is an ideal fit for Major Lazer's simplistic but inviting beat, and as he weaves his request for a lady of the club to put the moves on him, literally, it's difficult not to dance in exactly the way he describes.

  7. Jagged Edge - Hope
    Well known for their R&B style and passion, Jagged Edge's newest love song, "Hope," addresses the issue of a woman who's lost hope in men and Jagged crew's aim to inspire her to "put her hope back in a man."

  8. G Unit - Nah Im Talking Bout
    50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Kidd Kidd live the life of slinging drugs, packing heat, spending lavish amounts of money and enjoying the company of any women they want, and they've combined their storytelling skills over a simple but alien-vibed beat to brag about Cuban cufflinks, selling cocaine and taking month-long vacations to tropical cities.

  9. Cash Out - Aint Adding Up
    Rocking a beat similar to an early 2000's frat house dance song, Cash Out uses his newest, "Ain't Adding Up," to describe a certain ratchet crowd showing off a collection of goods that "ain't adding up."

  10. Usher ft Rick Ross - Good Kisser Remix
    Despite the fact that Usher and Rick Ross have two different musical styles, the bottom line for them is the same, "It's all about the ladies," and it looks like Ricky wants a piece of the "Good Kisser" Usher's been bragging about.

-Shanna Gibbs



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