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What DJs Are Downloading This Week - 6/23

If you're looking for what's hot in hip-hop this week, look no further. Consistently rated as one of the top record pools, <strong>Digital DJ Pool </strong>is here to provide you with the latest in what's hot in the music world.

If you're looking for what's hot in hip hop this week, look no further. Consistently rated as one of the top record pools, Digital DJ Pool is here to provide you with the latest in what's hot in the music world.

Summer's officially here, and love is in the air. Don't get it twisted and think it's just love of other people though. While music is so often about love, cue Blind Fury's "I Wanna Love Ya" and Teyana Taylor's "Maybe," this week's charts prove that it's also in style to love your money (we hear you, Mike Mill Made It), your life (Wiz Khalifa) and your corner spot in the drug game. Props to OT Genasis on that last one. Here's what's making those topics hot:

  1. TI ft Iggy Azalea - No Mediocre
    Never known for skirting an issue, T.I. is blunt and to the point: he only wants a bad bitch, and he won't take mediocre. The rising Aussie star adds some flavor to a guaranteed radio hit.

  2. Mike Will Made It ft Future, Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar - Buy The World
    As the title suggests, "Buy the World" focuses on the common theme of making money, enough to buy the world, in fact. With a star studded lineup like this, there is no doubt this track will go the distance.

  3. Lil Jon ft Tyga - Bend Ova
    In "Bend Ova," a track featuring more lyrics than we're used to from Lil J lately, he and Tyga make it clear that they're all about that ass, and if they have it their way, all the women in the club will bend it over and "bounce that ass like a yoga ball.

  4. Jason Derulo ft Kid Ink - Kama Sutra
    While it seems, according to the hook, that Kid Ink and Derulo are just trying to get drunk and get laid while this lady tries to lock down a future, each of their verses drop lines like "call 911 if I don't put a ring on this girl" and "tryna tie me up I'm a hostage but I never call 911."

  5. Wiz Khalifa - The Last
    By fighting for their dreams and making things happen, Khalifa and his colleagues have made themselves the "last free souls," the only individuals who can truly call themselves free, as they have everything they want and need and don't answer to anyone.

  6. OT Genasis ft Busta Rhymes, French Montana & Juicy J - Touchdown
    Following his surprisingly metaphorical and well-written original version of "Touchdown," OT Genasis teams up with the likes of some big names in the rap game including Busta Rhymes, French Montana and Juicy J to make an even better remix with a power punch.

  7. Lupe Fiasco ft Ty Dolla S - Next To It
    Lupe and Ty know that there's a difference between having it good and having it better, and they're striving for the second option. Better yet, they know what it takes to get there.

  8. Blind Fury - I Wanna Love Ya
    The point here is clear, "I wanna love ya 'til we both start to see the morning light," and Fury's combined the few lyrics he wrote with an upbeat, sensual, old-school rhythm to drive home the idea behind "I Wanna Love Ya."

  9. Meek Mill - 0 to 100
    Though Drake is one of the most respected and admired voices in the rap game today, Meek Mill definitely holds his own on the borrowed beat, proving to be a formidable voice on the original track, and he maintains the idea behind Drake's original

  10. Teyana Taylor ft Pusha T & Yo Gotti - Maybe
    Teyana Taylor teams up with Pusha T and Yo Gotti in "Maybe" to tell us about a guy she's feelin' pretty heavy, even though she's not quite sure why.



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