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What's in a Name?

What’s in a Name? I don’t know about you but I get confused when I see so many DJ’s with the same name. Your name says it all, and it should be different from everyone else to help distinguish your brand. When choosing a DJ name, there are a few things that you want to consider...
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What’s in a Name?

I don’t know about you but I get confused when I see so many DJ’s with the same name. Your name says it all, and it should be different from everyone else to help distinguish your brand.

When choosing a DJ name, there are a few things that you want to consider:

1) What do I want my Name to be? Why did I choose this name?

2) How will my name be pronounced? How will it look printed?

3) Does anyone else have my name?

4) What will my logo look like? How will it look printed?

6) Trademark Your Name and Logo

As you are in the process of creating what your brand and target demographic will be, it is important that your name appeals to the audience that you are trying to cater to. Some DJ’s choose a childhood nickname or create something that is relevant to their style of spinning or even use a derivative of a corporate brand (not recommended) , whatever you choose it should stand out from everyone else and have a creative story of why you picked that name to go with it.

Some DJ’s choose the same name of another DJ because that’s already popular and they do try to use that name to get gigs or make people think that it’s the same DJ. Unfortunately what tend to happen is that you confuse Talent Buyers, Media, Corporate Brands and Executives to think they are dealing with a specific DJ in reality they are not. Also, you create conflict with that DJ who has the same name or has been using the name first which is called “priority of use” which you will see this term referenced again later in this article.

We have represented Clients in the past that have taken the time and money to trademark their name and to battle other DJ’s for using their name, but of course the non-trademark DJ’s don’t want to listen, The process can be long and tedious but it is worth the battle to not have another DJ screw up your reputation that you worked hard to build.

The site you can go on to register your name and logo for a trademark is the United States Patent and Trademark Office at The cost to register your trademark through the site is $325.00. Some may opt to use an attorney; however, you will have to incur their fees which can range in the thousands to do the same work you can do.

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Here is some information from that will be useful to determine if you want to register your name and logo for a trademark or not.


Trademarks are for words, symbols, devices or names that are used to distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from that of another. Any distinctive name, symbol, or word is designated as trademarked with the symbol ™. The trademark designation notifies others that the product’s name and design are the company’s property. However, this trademark does not protect the company from another company that produces a similar product or uses a similar name.. If such a thing were to happen, the original company would have to prove that it produced the name or design first, but still may not have a legal defense without a registration.

Registration (Or Registered Trademark)

A registered trademark is designated with the symbol ®. With a registration, a trademark is protected against another company’s use of the name or image. A registered trademark is a federal and legal registration of the mark. Any future companies wishing to register its own design/name/image has to check to be sure that it is not like any registered trademarks. If the image is too similar and is still produced, the company is guilty of trademark infringement. Trademarks can be registered through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. First, you search the online database (Trademark Electronic Search System or TESS) to determine that your mark is not claimed. Once you have determined that your mark is unique, fill out a trademark application and present a representation of the mark. The registration process can be lengthy, taking about four months to receive a response to your application. The registration lasts 10 years, but must be verified between years five and six to confirm that the trademark is still in use.

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