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'shaad - Vinyls & Narcotics.

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  • Artist: Shaad
  • Track: Vinyls & Narcotics.
  • Producer: Psychedelic Loner & Beauté



DJ Carisma Serato Control Vinyl [Video]

Serato is always coming out with new Control Vinyl for various artists that they work with and that use their software. This time we have a new Serato Control Vinyl featuring Serato Artist DJ Carisma. DJ Carisma is a huge West Coast radio DJ who works with some of the hottest hip-hop talent around. Check out the quick interview and see the tracks on the new DJ Carisma Serato Control Vinyl.


Nick Hook Serato Vinyl Pressing [Video]

Serato DJ has teamed up with Nick Hook, (a NY based performer, DJ, and producer) to bring his new "COLLAGE V.1" four Track EP album to vinyl in Serato fashion. On one side there will be music from the new Nick Hook album, and on the other there will be Serato timecode for DJ's to use with Serato DJ. Serato has recorded a five-part documentary series which shows Nick's unique creative process for each track. Check out part one after the jump.