Kev Decor ft. Tenesha the Wordsmith - 4$

  • Artist: Kev Decor
  • Track: 4$
  • Producer: Kev Decor, Victor Tavarez & Tyler Sarfert
  • Album: LV BN BRK

On the lead single and title track off his next project, Kev Decor informed us that he LV BN BRK (that is, loves bein’ broke), but neglected to inform us exactly how much he had on his wallet. Today, we get the answer: a measly 4$. Which, damn, that’s pretty f**king broke. Over his, Victor Tavarez and Tyler Sarfert’s minimal, yet catchy boardwork, the freestyle series alum shares some witty, yet defiantly real commentary on poverty and the hustle. A spoken-word interlude by Tenesha The Wordsmith follows the opening verse. LV BN BRK (the album) is currently unscheduled, but we’ll keep you posted on the project as further details emerge.