A-1 - Sunday Love ft. Cole

  • Artist: Adam Vida
  • Track: Sunday Love
  • Producer: Kaytranada
  • Album: Thurlian

Update: The self-directed visuals for A-1's Sunday Love single have been added.

Ever had a long, difficult week where you couldn’t wait to relax over the weekend? That describes just about every week, you say? If so, then A-1’s newest single, Sunday Love, is dedicated to you. Here we find the Bay Area emcee on an upbeat note, looking forward to a weekend of kicking back and maybe just catching up on Breaking Bad (though the always-cognizant rapper is fully aware his “first world problems” could be much worse). Hook duties are handled by Cole, while Kaytranada provides the choppy production, flipping an old-school sample into a futuristic banger (see Seeu Enni Way). This single, like the previously Booth-featured Good People and There I Go, will live on A-1’s upcoming Thurlian LP, which is scheduled to drop March 5.