Avery Storm - LMA (Leave Me Alone)

  • Artist: Avery Storm
  • Track: #LMA (Leave Me Alone)
  • Producer: Avery Storm
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

On his last feature, a loosie released in honor of Valentine’s Day, Avery Storm invited listeners to help him spread peace and L O V E through the globe. Two weeks later, on his latest in his biweekly series of promo singles, the indie crooner seems to have done a complete 180. Over his own quirky, swung production, Storms makes a brusque request of all the people who’ve been wasting his time and draining his energy lately: #LMA—that is, “Leave Me Alone.” This catchy, if unwelcoming jam isn’t attached to anything larger, but fans can look forward to another fresh record from Avery Storm in 14 days or so.