BoneLang - Pigeon Wing ft. Dan Kanvis

  • Artist: BoneLang
  • Track: Pigeon Wing
  • Feat. Dan Kanvis (DK)
  • Producer: CastroFaceTheNation
  • Album: Black and White Photos and Pink Thread

"A pigeon flaps the ripples of time and makes us incessantly long for a warm island and noiselessness." No, that’s not a Zen koan; it’s the description BoneLang gave us for their first feature. (And no, I don’t know what they’ve been smoking—although I could make a few educated guesses.) Thankfully, rather than attempting to puzzle that out, you can hit play and get a firsthand experience of the record, which happens to be an exclusive world premiere. On Pigeon Wing, producer CastroFaceTheNation and saxophonist Simon Dufour create a moody, atmospheric beat to accompany the sung and flowed vocal interplay of crewmates Matt Bones and Samy.Language. Dan Kanvis assists on the guest tip. Intrigued? More fresh, innovative material awaits on the Black and White Photos and Pink Thread LP, slated for release next month.