Bodega Bamz - Billy Bats

  • Artist: Bodega BAMZ
  • Track: Billy Bats
  • Producer: V-Don
  • Album: Sidewalk Exec

If you've seen the crime classic Goodfellas (if you have not, do so immediately), you might know Billy Bats as a seemingly friendly "made man" who is brutally beaten to death. It turns out that the latest single from Bodega Bamz is aptly titled, as the record is equally intense as that famous cinematic beating. Beginning with the chorus, "shoot 'em up, never ask questions, leave 'em dead," Bamz goes into full lyrical assault mode over the truly menacing boardwork of V-Don. Seemingly an older track, Billy Bats is nonetheless set for inclusion on the Spanish Harlem MC's upcoming Sidewalk Exec album, due out April 14, by way of 100 Keep It/Duck Down Music.