D.R.A.M. - Cha Cha

  • Artist: DRAM
  • Track: Cha Cha
  • Producer: Kaine Solo, Gabe Niles
  • Album: #1Epic EP

Do you want to Cha Cha? In a Latin bar? With a Dominican? Good news, D.R.A.M. (Does.Real.Ass.Music.) has got you covered. The Virginia native, who recently garnered co-signs from Rick Rubin and Chance The Rapper, has turned in his latest set of visuals, directed by Nathan R. Smith. The song itself is an infectious, Super Mario-sampling groove, produced by Kaine Solo and Gabe Niles, but the real draw is the pure joyful energy emanating from D.R.A.M. through your computer screen. You'll hear more singing than rapping on Cha Cha, but we'll be damned if it doesn't make us want to get up and dance (and maybe eat fajitas). You can find Cha Cha and more on #1Epic EP, which has been out for a few months but finally landed on iTunes this week.



Drake Stole "Hotline Bling" from D.R.A.M., But I Still Love to "Cha Cha"

I loved "Cha Cha," but it wasn't until Drake stole his song that I became a D.R.A.M. fan.