Stromae - Carmen

  • Artist: Stromae
  • Track: Carmen
  • Producer: Stromae
  • Album: Racine Carrée

The Booth's own Lucas G. recently put together a convincing argument for why you should be familiarizing yourself with Stromae, which you should go read now if you haven't already done so. The Belgian singer/songwriter/producer is already a star overseas, but has not quite yet hit that same stride in finding a mainstream U.S. audience, even with a penchant for hit making ability, socially conscious subject matter and grandiose visual productions. Carmen, the self-produced sixth single off his 2013 album Racine Carrée (translation: Square Root), showcases all three with it's latest Sylvain Chomet-directed video. The record pulls inspiration from the opera of the same name and together with the (increasingly unsettling) animation weaves a dark, foreboding tale of social media's negative grasp on our lives. At least I think so, I was really busy checking Twitter.



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