Watch A Boogie Perform “Say A” With a 9-Piece Orchestra for Audiomack

In the latest installment of Audiomack’s Trap Symphony, A Boogie wit da Hoodie performs his buoyant hit “Say A.”
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Life is sweeter when it's soundtracked by an orchestra and a spry piano line.

In 2015, Migos proved that every great trap hit deserves an orchestral arrangement. Fast forward to 2018, and New York’s A-Boogie wit da Hoodie, in partnership with Audiomack, has risen to the occasion to record his own trap symphony version of “Say A.”

For those who have yet to hear the original version, “Say A” is Boogie’s attempt at flipping a negative into a positive, taking his first time being pulled over on his block and transforming it into a jubilant tune. Here, nimble keys and rich string accents amplify the original vibrancy of the single as Boogie skips across the lively piano line while working the stage.  

Last year, Boogie went on the record claiming he wanted to create his own wave in New York amidst the influx of young trap artists. With his undeniable charisma and magnetic stage presence, and the sheer novelty of a nine-piece orchestra behind him, we can confidently say A Boogie is well on his way.

On February 22, A-Boogie will be performing “Say A” at the Global Spin Awards, which will be broadcast on REVOLT.



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