Frank Ocean’s Beautiful “Moon River” Cover Will Probably Make You Cry

It’s really just so beautiful.
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Scene: a woeful night on the fire escape, Frank Ocean’s pitch-shifted vocals weaving up your building like thick vines.

Alternative scene: following a string of successful singles, Frank Ocean drops an electrified cover of Audrey Hepburn’s yearning “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“Moon River” follows the minimalist trend established on Blonde; the production is skeletal and Frank’s dueling vocals do the work of building a melody and counterforce.

Frank Ocean has always been apt at making us cry, but the vocal layering on this track strikes a particularly heavy note. Where Frank sings and consequently promises to be there for himself, the track acts as an olive branch and beacon of the light to the lonelier souls. And it’s beautiful.

It’s really just so beautiful.