Drake Had a $996k Budget For "God's Plan" Video—He Gave It All Away

What a fitting song title.
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Drake, God's Plan, video, 2018

Hip-hop and philanthropy have a long-standing and heartwarming relationship, but Drake’s latest music video for “God’s Plan,” in which he gives out money, toys, clothing, and food to families in need, takes that relationship to the highest of levels.

Shot on location all across Miami, we see Drake following in the footsteps of the greats—Diddy and JAY-Z—and his contemporaries 2 Chainz and Chance The Rapper, using his position and his platform to really do the most. Money may not buy happiness, but it can certainly afford you comfort and peace of mind, which may be worth more in the long run.

Drake’s music has a track record of bringing fans to tears, but these new tears of joy are all the better.


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