Saba's "Busy" Battles Loneliness & Depression With His Best Rapping

Saba survives through his music.
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It can get lonely when you're trying to change the world.  

On Saba’s latest single, the winding and despondent “Busy,” the Chicago MC confronts the paranoia and hurt that has been weighing him down for more than a year. 

Skillfully, Saba tackles his depression, the tragic loss of his friend and mentor Walter Long Jr. (better known by his stage names dinnerwithjohn and John Walt) who was murdered early 2017 and the insurmountable task of coping.

The production is minimal and creeping, allowing for Saba’s voice and his best rapping to date to dominate the track. His delivery is genuine and emotive and gutting.

Saba raps, “Jesus got killed for our sins, Walter got killed for a coat / I'm tryna cope, but it's a part of me gone / And apparently I'm alone” with a hurt snarl. Though he sounds down for the count, between the billowing vox on the hook and his natural pops of optimism, it's clear music will help Saba survive.