Junglepussy's “Showers” Is Food for the Soul

“Showers” is an apt tour of Junglepussy’s vulnerabilities and a gaze into her moments of overcoming.
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Junglepussy Showers Best New Song

Junglepussy's new single is food for the soul.

Glued together by an easy and not overly pensive lead guitar, "Showers" is an apt tour of the New York emcee's vulnerabilities and a gaze into her moments of overcoming. 

With the second verse as a short series of vignettes ("Ridin' through my old 'hood, but I got a new weave / I been eatin' tangerines all on public transit seats"), the single is effortlessly soul-baring, a show of hurt cropping up from minutia.

She may avoid losing herself in the content, but listeners will have no problem sinking down and having their own reflective moments.   

The single is also a family affair, featuring backing vocals from Junglepussy’s three-year-old nephew, who is also responsible for the artwork.

"Showers" follows "State of the Union" as the second single from Junglepussy's forthcoming third full-length album.