Great News: Leon Bridges is Back With "Bad Bad News"

"Bad Bad News" is smirking, shoulder-rolling, scotch-sipping music.
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Leon Bridges, the walking embodiment of soul, is back.

Returning with the measured and funky “Bad Bad News,” the single is Bridges' first foray into music since his 2015 breakout debut, Coming Home. Where his debut was suspended upon revivalist threads, “Bad Bad News” finds the singer-songwriter sailing away on a bed of slick grooves and spirited horn accents.

This is smirking, shoulder-rolling, scotch-sipping music.

Bridges’ vocals go from punchy to lush as he sings of making a “good, good thing out of bad, bad news,” while also hitting us with the “style and grace” that makes his music an irresistible blend of classic structure and modern execution.

“Bad Bad News” was released alongside “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” as one of two lead singles from his upcoming sophomore album, Good Thing, due out May 4.


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