Flatbush Zombies Host a Demented Rap Fest on Harrowing New Single "U&I"

The New York trio deliver yet another audible nightmare.
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The Flatbush Zombies aren’t rising out of hell, they’re dragging us all down with them.

The New York-based trio made up of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and producer-rapper Erick Arc Elliott are best known for their grimy sound and often grotesque bars. On their latest single, “U&I,” their grit and menace is only amplified.

Opening with heavenly vocals from DIA, “U&I” quickly erupts into a demented rap fast. Over his own production, Erick spits about the unforgiving streets and putting his life on the line for his brothers, while Zombie Juice leans into his wiry cadence, providing the launch pad for Meechy Darko’s maelstrom of bars.

Meechy’s verse plays like an epic tragedy. His gruff and fiery vocal commands the track, wherein the writing is visceral and gutting. Meechy delivers his traumatic life story with a choked affect, alluding to fears over his mental health (“They tell you 'bout my family, that bipolar disorder”) and constant confrontations with death (“When I was five, I told my mama I wanted to die,” “My gran died from cancer, I quit them cigarettes”).

As harrowing as “U&I” sounds, the Zombies never miss a step, reminding us why they are a trio not to be reckoned with.

“U&I” follows previous single “Headstone,” and will appear on the group's upcoming sophomore album, Vacation In Hell, releasing April 6.