Pac Div Return With “First Baptist,” a Potent Dose of Nostalgia

Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung are back with rainy Sunday morning music.
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Pac Div First Baptist Best New Song

Welcome back, Pac Div.

Six years removed from their last record, GMB, the California-based trio of Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung have returned with the pensive and soulful “First Baptist.”

This is rainy Sunday morning music. Warm. Nostalgic. Subtle and interpolated melodies conjure up hungover mornings at the kitchen table, begrudgingly communing over breakfast and bad decisions. Though the beat is minimal, the imagery is potent. The trio’s easy storytelling plays out like a well-worn fable, where lessons learned turn into sins forgiven.

At their core, this is a trio of best friends who began rapping together in high school, growing up shooting the shit over '70s samples and break beats. That youthful magic, paired with some maturity, is summoned across the lyrics and each member’s measured delivery.

“First Baptist,” produced by Alexander Spit, will be featured on Pac Div’s upcoming album of the same title.


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