Tom Misch and GoldLink Sound Right at Home on “Lost In Paris”

“Lost In Paris” is Francophile mood music for all times.
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Tom Misch may have lost a hard drive in Paris, but on his new single, he’s a wellspring of soul.  

Inspired by the greatest music tragedy of all—losing a hard drive of new music—“Lost In Paris” plays like a breezy coming-to-terms story. Misch’s warm affect and ever so achy tone paint the song as a pining appeal to lost love. With a funky lilt as if we’re buzzed stumbling through European side streets, the instrumentation is Francophile mood music for all times.

“I hope that you’re warm and safe,” he sings, to his hard drive, but heartache is a universal language. In that breath, the single is a brief clinic in double meaning and accessibility. An immaculate saxophone solo and bubbling verse from DMV’s GoldLink cement the single as an ethereal and groovy vibe.

“Lost In Paris” is the final single from Tom Misch’s forthcoming debut album, Geography, out this Friday, April 6.