Topaz Jones Continues His Mastery of Funky Grooves with “Cotton Fields”

The New Jersey artist embodies the bright ricocheting quality of funk on "Cotton Fields."
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Topaz Jones Cotton Fields Best New Song

Topaz Jones is New Jersey’s best-kept secret, but not for long.

In 2016, Jones found his voice on his debut album, Arcade, bringing together house, jazz, funk, breakbeats, and an unparalleled energy on the mic. One minute he was pouring his heart out, and the next he was making summertime party anthems. With his latest self-produced single, “Cotton Fields,” Jones continues his streak as a master of funky grooves and seeing the forest through the trees.

A follow-up to his March dual singles, "Nectar" and "Pleasure Pain Passion," Jones' "Cotton Fields" embodies the bright ricocheting quality of funk. The synths and bass are plump and gummy, giving the track a lush feel without descending into unnecessary opulence.

As he loses himself in the “cotton fields in the sky,” Jones simultaneously finds his center, recalling a time where his mother sat him down with Malcolm X’s work and taught him to meditate. A deceptively introspective track, Topaz Jones closes the cut by spitting: “I learned that every twist of fate is merely a test of faith.” 

That faith will undoubtedly be rewarded in the near future.


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