tobi lou Continues Mastery of Bad-Days-Get-Better Music with “Darlin’”

“Darlin’” effortlessly walks the line between magic and reality.
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Tobi lou knows how to bring the sun out on a rainy day. His latest single, “Darlin’,” is a clinic in inverting moods. 

The Chicago native opens his latest record by setting the scene over a breezy and pastel melody: “Raindrops keep falling / my umbrella is garbage.” Lou’s personality instantly colors the track, his swagger shimmying through his sing-song delivery. As an artist who likes to bring the joy of cartoons to the hip-hop stage, his tunes are never cloyingly sweet.

“Darlin’” succeeds in its ability to effortlessly walk the line between magic and reality. Lou’s whimsical nature is so believable and infectious, in large part because of his willingness to appear human above all else. Tinged by bad weather and self-loathing, the track concludes with a bright declaration (“Fuck it, I’m gorgeous”), cementing tobi lou as a master of bad-days-get-better music.

With a new EP on the horizon and his upcoming debut album executive produced by No I.D., lou has the potential to make 2018 a definitive, break out year.


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