The Internet Redefine Cool on New Single "Roll (Burbank Funk)"

We’re in a new reality where there is only funk grooves, mood lighting, and weed smoke.
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The Internet are infallible.  

Following their GRAMMY-nominated 2015 album, Ego Death, The Internet are finally back with a soul-bending track that only The Internet could make. The past three years saw each member forging their own solo path, and with the energy and lessons learned from their solo ventures, the group returns with the absolutely fucking groove that is “Roll (Burbank Funk).”

Steve Lacy’s vocals waft through the pungent bass notes like weed smoke through a musty basement. He’s transcending the gummy layers of funk heaven, arriving in a new reality where there are only grooves, downbeats, mood lighting and arcade cabinets to cool-guy lean on. With Syd’s vocals injecting color into the vintage scene, The Internet use “Roll” to redefine “cool” on their own terms.

The Joe Weil-directed music video features cameos from Tyler, The Creator, Mac DeMarco, and more. If the classic and loose energy of the video and single have any bearing on The Internet’s upcoming album, we’re all in for a sonic treat.