Valee Continues Blending Sinister & Effortless on “Womp Womp” with Jeremih

"Press play on 'Womp Womp' and let Valee soundtrack the best body high of your life."
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Valee "Womp Womp" Jeremih Best New Song artwork

On his latest single, the Jeremih-assisted “Womp Womp,” Chicago artist Valee, well-known for delivering an exciting blend of trap haze, melody, and tight raps (see recently-released EP, GOOD Job, You Found Me), continues blending the sinister and effortless.

With his winding delivery and attractive vocal-fry, Valee makes music to be queued up when you’ve reached your limit and your head finally meets the couch cushion. Pair this with bass-knocking production from Cassio, and “Womp Womp” evidences itself as wonderfully gummy and escapist.

Valee’s swagger brings out an equally engaging side of Jeremih, who drops the usual R&B fronting in favor of a gang of bars that stick like tar. All the while, Valee manages to be endearing with lines like: “Asked my mama, for bread, she told me, 'Uh-uh' (no)” and “Ridin' with no co-sign, I got that bread, croissant.”

Press play on “Womp Womp” and let the recent Def Jam signee soundtrack the best body high of your life. 


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