Buddy’s “Trouble on Central” Is Nostalgic ’90s West Coast Gold

“Buddy is smooth.” —DJBooth staff.
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Buddy, the smoothest man in Compton, is back with the equally languid “Trouble on Central,” a musical relative of Skee-Lo's 1995 hit single, "I Wish," and the second single ("Black") to follow his 2017 EPs Magnolia and Ocean & Montana

If 2017 taught us anything, it’s that Buddy can catch a vibe like no other, and with the playful inflections and breezy rhythms driving the classic West Coast sounds of “Trouble on Central,” it’s safe to say Buddy has only improved on his strengths.

“Just so good at being in trouble,” Buddy sings over a G-funk-inspired bassline. It’s easy to sink into the syrupy bass, and peeling back the layers, Buddy also skates over glimmering guitar riffs and distant pitch harmonics. The punchy synth leads will have your head rolling and your body swaying, but Buddy does not simply deal in mood music.

An attentive listen will reveal a pensive and yearning Buddy, an artist on the brink that has his patience wearing thin. “I wish I wasn’t stuck on Central,” he sings with an optimistic uptick on the final note. On “Trouble on Central,” Buddy gives us a full picture of a stir-crazy artist on the rise. It’s humanizing and wonderfully funky.