Anderson .Paak Reminds Us He's As Gripping a Rapper as Anyone With "Bubblin"

Do not fuck with .Paak or his money.
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Anderson .Paak is bubbling over with swagger, and he knows it. 

On his latest single, “Bubblin,” the gifted soul singer reminds us that he is as proficient and gripping as any rapper. The grain in his cadence doesn’t just make money talk sound luxurious, it makes his bars dangerous. Do not fuck with .Paak or his money.

With heroic production from Jahlil Beats and Antman Wonder, .Paak sounds like a supervillain whose plans have finally come together, spitting, “I been broke for way longer than I been rich so until it levels out / I'mma take your momma to the Marriott and wear it out.” The visuals are just as grand and exuberant, featuring .Paak diving into a pool of millions and swinging from a chandelier.

As sweet as .Paak sounds when he takes on the role of hip-hop’s loverboy as one-half of NxWorries or in his previous solo work, his fresh tenure as a paid-up bad boy is equally welcome.

Along with the release of his new single, .Paak divulged he has "65,000 songs in the vault." Shortly after we covered the news, we spoke with Ty Cannon, .Paak's A&R at Aftermath, who said the following: "Me, .Paak and Dre are trying to finish the album. When I tell you it's amazing, it's incredible. Sleeping in the studio. Take my word for it, Z. It's coming and it's going to be loud!"