Brasstracks Tap Xavier Omär for Funky and Seductive Single “Stay There”

“Stay There” is the definition of bounce.
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GRAMMY-winning duo Brasstracks, comprised of Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne, are equal parts forward-thinking producers and two friends caught in an endless jam session. Teaming up with the soulful Xavier Omär, the duo have released “Stay There,” a funky and seductive romp.

“Stay There” is the definition of bounce, with Omär riding the waves of the beat before swelling to a sweet harmony. The horns move in time with Omär, imbuing the single with vibrant pops of color, and giving “Stay There” the air of a summer fling soundtrack.

The layers of sound Brasstracks manage to weave into a single track is admirable: earthy textures playing nice with the veneer of funk licks and the ceremonial quality of the brass section. As Omär hits a bed of yearning notes, the brass grows all the more evocative and terse until the tension melts away and listeners are treated to a bevy of candy-coated grooves.

“Stay There” is the first single off Brasstracks upcoming EP, For Those Who Know II.