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Amir Tripp's "Hardball" Paints a Full Portrait of Chicago (Video Premiere)

“‘Hardball’ is a song not only inspired by a movie but also the city in which the movie took place.”

West Side Chicago native Amir Tripp isn’t just upholding his city’s longstanding music history, he’s evolving the Chicago sound one stack of syllables at a time. 

Amidst his tongue-twisting flows and inflections, Tripp is also a born storyteller, which is on full display in his newest video for “Hardball.”

Over sawed-off horns and paired with flashes of telling B-roll footage, Tripp, an Under 1,000 alum, uses “Hardball” to paint a picture of his career and his Chicago. “‘Hardball’ is a song not only inspired by a movie but also the city in which the movie took place,” Tripp tells DJBooth, “which also happens to be the city that raised me.”



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Along with that authenticity, there’s an admirable level of cheek to his raps. Tripp busts out punchlines about Crocs just as easily as he bemoans fake friends and the weight of taking risks. The light melodic twists on “Hardball” take it over the infectious edge, and while Amir Tripp sits atop a basketball hoop, we realize we’re watching a star in the making.


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