Grieving With Mac Miller

Mac Miller's music was made for surviving tragedy.
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Mac Miller’s death does not feel real. It likely won’t feel real for a long time. An artist that grew up with all of his fans, that felt like a beloved classmate, that felt like our artist, his loss has been immeasurably difficult to process. 

For many of us, Mac Miller was our light through life’s weightiest trials, and now the community that he created through his music is facing a brand new trial, but that does not mean that Mac cannot be instrumental in our collective healing.

In an effort to smooth the grieving process, we’ve put together a playlist of 22 Mac Miller songs to walk us all through the four phases of grief. We open with denial and anger, and slowly make our way towards acceptance and a sense of peace, ending off with the boyish and optimistic tracks that kickstarted Mac Miller’s career and had fans initially falling in love with him. 

Mac Miller’s death is a heavy one, but at least his music was made for surviving tragedy.