J.I.D’s “151 Rum” Is a Relentless Rap Clinic

J.I.D is back, but based on “151 Rum," J.I.D never left.
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J.I.D is probably your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. 

The Dreamville signee impressed everyone from the blogs to J. Cole, to his cult of fans with his debut record, The Never Story. Dizzying flows and achy crooning numbers made J.I.D an artist to watch by critic standards, and an artist to fear by contemporary standards. After touring with Cole and securing a spot as a 2018 XXL Freshman, J.I.D is back with another relentless flow on “151 Rum.”

Produced by Nice Rec and Christo, “151 Rum” sounds like the dissipating swirl of a smoke ring, with J.I.D’s raps acting as the stir in the room. J.I.D spits with the edge of a serrated blade, his staccato consistently catching and re-engaging our ear over the haunting beat.

As compared to The Never Story, J.I.D has a fresh control and measure to his cadence, using it to add texture to the track. “Intimate, infinite rhymes, give me the baton / A ticking, ticking time bomb, takin' the finish line,” he spits in a double-time flow that ends up tearing up the song before we get to the final chorus. J.I.D is back, but based on “151 Rum,” it sounds like J.I.D never left.

“151 Rum” is the lead single for J.I.D’s upcoming album, DiCaprio 2. Along with the track, J.I.D took to Instagram to open up about his journey making the project. “I worked on being a better writer, even outside of punchlines and shit, like I can rap all fuckn [sic] day but I like writing songs and shit too, whatever, like I really just challenged my self [sic] to becoming better, period,” he wrote. The post also included a heartfelt message about Mac Miller and his involvement in the project.

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