Yellow Days Puts the Blues in Motion on “How Can I Love You?”

Depravity never sounded so beautiful.
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A life worth living comes with difficult questions. British artist Yellow Days addresses one of the more cutting ambiguities of life with his new single and video for “How Can I Love You?” 

The roaming and throaty track rests on the warble and rattling anxiety of an uncertain and unrequited love. Yellow Days finds himself looking to love as a guide, yet love is too knotty to act as his light.

A maddening sense of yearning drives this track, with Yellow Days punching striking and terse high notes as the longing becomes too much. The young singer appears enrapt is his needs. A simple bass groove and backing chorus pad the track and temper the otherwise cutting emotions.

We’re treated to a subtle psychedelic bend as we enter the deluded stage of grief. For a song about the ache of something missing, “How Can I Love You?” is a rich and intentional offering. Yellow Days captures fraying emotions with an admirable candor. 

Depravity never sounded so beautiful.

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