Our Entire Staff Reacts to Cardi B's New Single "Money"

"This sounds like the better version of 'Rich Sex' by Nick…."
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Cardi B "Money" DJBooth staff reaction

Who makes hits like Cardi B

Of course, that's a trick question. After the astounding succes of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, and her proper miseducation of the Billboard charts, it seems as if Cardi B can do no wrong. 

Still, with the release of her new single "Money," her first offering since giving birth to her daughter Kulture, we have to approach new music with a few worthy questions. Namely, is Cardi B dropping new music too soon? Is she chasing hits, or is she in her pocket? 

Below, you will find answers to these questions and much, much more in the form of the transcript for our DJBooth Slack chat. Press play on "Money" and enjoy.

donnacwrites [1:38 PM] My angel

bmvaran [1:38 PM] eskeddit

donnacwrites [1:38 PM] Nicky [Chulo] killed this art

Z [1:39 PM] “I got a baby, I need some money / I need cheese for my egg.” What about Welch's grape, Cardi?

donnacwrites [1:40 PM] She was born to flex, indeed. What I like about this song is that it is a Cardi B song, as in she has a very clear Cardi B sound. This does also imply she will have to evolve soon, before she wears out what she does well.

bmvaran [1:40 PM] this beat knocks

donnacwrites [1:40 PM] Lest she become like [redacted]

Z [1:41 PM] cheese for my egg = bread for my seed. Levels.

donnacwrites [1:41 PM] Oh she loves her daughter. Shut it all down this is precious

Z [1:41 PM] I wonder who wrote that line for her...

donnacwrites [1:41 PM] Mom raps

Z [1:41 PM] I kid.

bmvaran [1:41 PM] this sounds like the better version of “Rich Sex” by Nick….

Z [1:42 PM] The Barbs got to Bren. His Slack account has been hac---

donnacwrites [1:42 PM] And just like that, everyone, I became the EIC of the Dee Jay Boof

bmvaran [1:42 PM] I was worried she was dropping new music too soon but this sounds like a hit

donnacwrites [1:42 PM] Yoh and I were on the phone yesterday talking about hits

bmvaran [1:42 PM] still worried it’s too soon

donnacwrites [1:42 PM] We spoke this into existence

yoh [1:43 PM] Big hit. The beat is a trampoline.

Z [1:44 PM] Her last official single release was "Ring" on August 28. That peaked at No. 28. It was time.

bmvaran [1:44 PM] JWhiteDidIt produced it

yoh [1:44 PM] Cardi is magnetic. She knows what production works and how to work it when she's aiming for a banger. You can hear this coming out of every speaker and in every club across the states

Z [1:44 PM] If this record hits No. 1, it would be her FOURTH No. 1 in less than two years.

donnacwrites [1:44 PM] Mom raps for the club. 

bmvaran [1:46 PM] “You gonna eat this ass like soup.” it’s that season folks

yoh [1:46 PM] The Wakanda Forever line took me out. Out of all the new artists in the last two years, Cardi has the best understanding of tricks. All her big records are trickfest.

donnacwrites [1:49 PM] Cardi knows tricks, and she knows how to land on a beat. It's so satisfying every time she changes her flow

yoh [1:50 PM] Are we all on board for a new album now?

donnacwrites [1:51 PM] I am on board for her doing what feels right. If it doesn't feel rushed to her, it won't sound rushed to us

yoh [1:52 PM] Great point

Z [1:52 PM] She still hasn't toured the first album. To release two albums before her first BIG tour would be huge.

yoh [1:53 PM] HUGE. This could be a great chess move

Z [1:54 PM] The label probably felt she needed new material before a tour even though she never toured the last album, which is wise.

donnacwrites [1:55 PM] The "c" in Cardi is for chess. This is a great move and she sounds comfortable but not complacent.

yoh [1:56 PM] I find it odd that such a strong single is released without the video. Unless you're premiering on HBO leading with a visual has always been more effective imo. I wonder what they plan for the visual

donnacwrites [1:57 PM] Maybe video Fri? Two premiere days, two big streaming days?

Z [1:58 PM] I am just happy to see more artists bucking the Thursday night is the only time I am allowed to release new music trend. Cardi is competing with nobody on this here Tuesday afternoon.

yoh [1:58 PM] Truuuuuu *2 Chainz voice*

Z [1:59 PM] Let this be the first of many new singles to drop on a Tuesday. BRING BACK NEW MUSIC TUESDAY

donnacwrites [1:59 PM] Cardi B revives New Music Tuesday. More at 11

Z [2:01 PM] This sounds like a hit record, but you just never know these days. That said, one guarantee I will make: her tattoo artist is about to be booked up for the foreseeable future.

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