Smino & Sango Showcase Their Undeniable Chemistry (Again) on "L.M.F."

“L.M.F.” is collar-popping music.
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Smino and Sango are a match made in rhythmic heaven. Their collaboration on Sango’s fantastic album In the Comfort Of was bathed in a universal gold, and now they’re back together again on Smino’s newly-released single, “L.M.F." (a.k.a. "Lion Mufasa").

On “L.M.F.,” Smino sounds like an enthused world traveler, like the approachable bad boy who will pay for your cab home. The patter of his flow is both grabbing and refreshing, like a sweet, early fall mist. Taking cues from 2017’s blkswn, Smino is able to strike a balance of texture and velvet.

Sango’s thick percussion equally drives “L.M.F.” and gives it a classic feel. We’re left with the impression that we’ve heard these breaks before—and we loved them. Where Smi’s voice bubbles up like champagne, Sango’s dense drums keep us from tipping over.

At its core, “L.M.F” is collar-popping music. Throw this one on when you’re getting ready to go out. We guarantee you’ll have a good time.

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