J.I.D's “Off Deez” Single with J. Cole is a Lit Up Oil Slick

This man is a technical rap wunderkind.
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Not that anyone had doubts, but allow me to say this: J.I.D can rap

On his latest Dicaprio 2 single with J. Cole, “Off Deez,” J.I.D is not just a spitter. We aren’t simply doting over his flow or cadence. This man is a technical rap wunderkind—and his personality and charisma never get lost in the shuffle of double-time bars.

“Off Deez” is a lit up oil slick, with the Atlanta native running laps around the ChaseTheMoney production, taking pitched pit stops to hold our ear and punch in with tricks that will keep us hooked during live performances. A lyrical roadrunner, the theme of “Off Deez” is J.I.D may well be an untouchable star-in-the-making.

Then we have J. Cole’s berserk, by any standards, feature. Of course, the label boss would give his signee an enthused verse, but as we all know, Cole has some far from memorable features under his belt. The fire J.I.D summoned out of Cole has gone unseen—yes, even on his trap-inspired KOD—since his 2017 “American Dream” track with Kendrick Lamar

To be clear, the two artists who get the best out of J. Cole are Kendrick and J.I.D. Not bad company to be in.

“Off Deez” is the second single from J.I.D’s sophomore album, Dicaprio 2, out November 26. 

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