9th Wonder ft. Mac Miller & Heather Victoria - That's Love


*Jazzy Pha voice* Ladieeeees an' Gennamin! 9th Wonder is officially in the building! Seriously, today is an exciting day for hip hop - especially if you're from North Carolina. Phonte of Little Brother, J. Cole and 9th Wonder all have released brand spankin' new albums today, and from what I've been hearing up to this point, they're breathing some life into the erratic pulse of today's hip hop. While he's no newcomer to the game, 9th has experienced major growth both musically and professionally in the last half decade or so. Nowhere is there clearer evidence of this than this stand-out track That's Love, from his album, The Wonder Years, featuring Mac Miller and Heather Victoria. It's an airy-sounding track that could be part of a dream sequence, in which Miller proclaims "Even gangsta motherf*ckers fall in love!" While I hesitate to place Mac Miller in the "gangsta" category, he DOES have a point. With the Cuffing Season officially in full effect, this song is right on time. Heather Victoria invokes the spirit of Erykah Badu on the vocal assist, while Donald Trump's favorite white emcee raps about what being in love means to him: "I'm just trying to be respectful to these girls out here...I'll buy you some food, and THEN you can show me your titties!" This song definitely deserves a place on that upcoming mix that you're working on as part of your cuffing strategy. It'll show that you have a sensitive side, without giving up too much emotion, a la Drake. If you're digging this you'll definitely find more to your liking on The Wonder Years, available now.