A-1 - There I Go

  • Artist: Adam Vida
  • Track: There I Go
  • Producer: Mr. Carmack
  • Album: Thurlian

Last we heard from A-1, the Bay Area buzzmaker was suffering from a serious case of Summertime Sadness. Given that his latest feature comes in the middle of winter, you'd expect it to find him in higher spirits—and sure enough, on the freshly-minted There I Go the indie buzzmaker sounds like he's on top of the world. Mr. Carmack mans the boards on this left-of-center jam, mixing sparse percussion, synth burbles and incomprehensible vocal samples as A-1 delivers bar after bar of quirky braggadocio. Like what you're hearing? More awaits on the artist's Thurlian LP, scheduled to drop digitally March 5.



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