A$AP Rocky ft. Lana Del Rey - Ridin

  • Artist: A$AP Rocky
  • Track: Ridin
  • Producer: The Kickdrums
  • Album: LiveLoveA$AP

As a fly, young emcee with a blindingly bright future in the game, A$AP Rocky has his pick of just about any woman he could possibly desire. So, who's he Ridin' with? None other than Lana Del Rey, singer of such indie-pop hits as Video Games and Blue Jeans and possessor of 2011-2012's most talked-about pair of lips. A smoothed-out, yet equally whip-ready contrast to blockbuster lead effort Goldie, this cut finds Cleveland beat crew The Kickdrums trying their hand at a low-key street banger; over their slow-rolling percussion and tuneful flute samples, the headliner tells listeners why, in the “big room full of mad b**ches,” that is the music game, Lana has a special place in his heart. It's Del Rey herself, however, who dominaes the record, showcasing her unsettling mix of girlish allure (“Pick me up after school, I can be your lady...”) and calculating self-interest “[G]ive me all your drugs, props, money and connections.”) on the first and second verses. (A$AP gets to take center stage on the down-pitched hook, so it almost evens out.) How about it, readers: is this collab Rocky's ticket to crossover success? Debate away—and keep it locked for the latest song releases leading up to the September 11, arrival of his major-label debut album, LiveLoveA$AP.