Aaron Cohen - L.E.G. (Lust, Envy, Greed)

  • Artist: Aaron Cohen
  • Track: L.E.G. (Lust Envy Greed)
  • Producer: Lord Plawz
  • Album: You Wouldn't Know EP

We're all prone to at least one of the seven deadly sins. Based on my love for Popeye's chicken and Chinese buffets, I'm pretty sure my weakness is gluttony. N.Y.-by-way-of-Seattle spitter Aaron Cohen has so many pet vices that he coined the acronym “L.E.G. (Lust Envy Greed)” as shorthand. Over a blunted, trap-tinged beat by Lord Plawz, he confesses to an obsessive, overriding desire for fame and fortune, as well as an insatiable appetite for weed and sex. Bertrand Touchard's hazy visuals round out the package. Fiending for more? You'll find what you seek on Cohen's You Wouldn't Know EP, available now for download via Audiomack.