Ab-Soul - Gone Insane

  • Artist: Ab-Soul
  • Track: Gone Insane
  • Producer: Ayiro
  • Album: LongTerm: Mentality

Scientists long held that psychological ailments can't be transferred through musical means, but they may have to rethink that conclusion in light of recent evidence. Weezy's latest Carter IV selection found the New Orleans megastar suffering from an acute case of Rick Ross Syndrome and now, on new single Gone Insane, West Coast buzzmaker Ab-Soul's developed all the telltale symptoms: morbid lyrical fantasies, an decidedly unhinged flow, an obsession with deceased musical icons – the works. As often occurs, though, the artist's loss of mental stability is fans' gain. With Ayiro's woozy acoustic-guitar arpeggios and fingersnap-driven percussion, the Lifestyles of the Broke & Famous emcee goes for the gold medal in crazy, opening the record with the announcement “I feel like I'm affiliated with the Illuminati, b*tch!” and getting progressively weirder from there. So, how about it, readers – now that Ab-Soul's gone off the deep end, should he stay there? Whether or not you think lunacy's a good look for the Booth regular, you can look forward to a full picture of the artist's LongTerm: Mentality on April 5, when his new digital-only LP hits iTunes.