Ace Hood ft. Ludacris - Born An OG

  • Artist: Ace Hood
  • Track: Born an OG
  • Feat. Ludacris
  • Producer: DJ Nasty & LVM [for Nasty Beatmakerz]
  • Album: Ruthless

Ace Hood may well be the most driven man in the game—as the We the Best emcee made clear in his most recent interview with DJ Z, he's more than willing to put in Overtime to become a musical Champion. How did he develop the stamina necessary to grind all day and party all night without ever breaking a sweat? Well, he didn't—as he explains on this newly-released cut, he was simply Born an OG. The Nasty Beatmakerz pull out all the stops here; featuring sweeping strings, scorching synths, and a heaping helping of arena-rock guitar riffage, their beat is bombastic enough to overwhelm many emcees—of course, that's no problem for Ludacris, whose booming bark is so powerful he could probably rap a dope and completely comprehensible verse over a 10-jackhammer backing band. Luda's virtuosic performance also seems to bring out the best in Ace; though his delivery sounds almost subdued in comparison to the guest verse champ's, his breakneck flow will leave few unimpressed. Though not slated for promotion as an official single, this high-powered cut is sure to boost street anticipation for Ace's sophomore LP, Ruthless (set to drop June 30th).