AEli - Have You Ever

  • Artist: AEli
  • Track: Have You Ever
  • Producer: AEli
  • Album: The Void

An alt-pop buzzmaker hailing from Altadena, California, singer-songwriter and producer AEli makes his grand entrance into The DJBooth with a freshly-selected single off his latest free album. On this left-of-center jam, the Pulphead CEO's own minimal electronic grooves set the stage for verses made up of probing questions: “Have You Ever wondered how it feels? Have you ever felt like nothing's real? Have you ever felt like this before? Have you ever had a loss for words?” I'll let y'all puzzle those over on your own. In the meantime, my question for you is, are you craving more from AEli? If the answer's yes, you can click here to download free album The Void, available online as of Monday.