Alex Wiley - Booty Club (Goin' Dumb Again)

  • Artist: Alex Wiley
  • Track: Booty Club (Goin' Dumb Again)
  • Producer: Blev
  • Album: Silent Party

Can't go a day without a new record by Windy City buzzmaker Alex Wiley? Well, we can't make any promises with regard to the future, but today we've got you covered. Coming on the heels of Tuesday's reader-acclaimed Lil Stoner Boi, this party-ready cut was inspired by an incident on tour involving one of the artist's bodyguards. "One random night he comes in at like 5 AM, waking everybody up, and we’re like ‘Where were you?’ and he’s like, ‘The Booty Club, Going Dumb Again,’ and it was like the funniest sh*t I had heard in that moment.” Blev produces the record's raucous, synth-heavy instrumental backdrop. Wiley's next LP, tentatively titled Silent Party, has yet to receive a drop date. As always, though, fans can keep it locked for the latest.