Alex Wiley - Top Of The World

  • Artist: Alex Wiley
  • Track: Top Of The World
  • Producer: Blev & Carter Lang
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Alex Wiley's life isn't all Village Parties and sea animal intercourse, the Chi-Town rising star hasn't forgotten the days before his music was opening doors to a better life. He spoke with Huffington Post about being 16-years-old, and being suicidal in high school. He wanted to create an album that captured this dark period in his life. The idea was later scrapped, but songs like Sexual Dolphin and Lil Stoner Boi were created in that creative-state. The newly released Top Of The World is the record that truly represents the concept. His honesty is painfully beautiful, the progressive production from Blev and Carter Lang along with Wiley's execution is reminiscent of Kid Cudi's early Moon Man efforts. You get to see how much range Alex has, he's growing into an artist that is unpredictable, but not overwhelmed by the risk he takes.