Alfamega ft. T.I. & Nitti - Uhh Huh

  • Artist: Alfamega
  • Track: Uhh Huh ft. T.I. & Nitti
  • Feat. T.I., Nitti
  • Producer: Nitti
  • Album: I Am Alfamega

Gearing up to join T.I. for upcoming show dates in Detroit, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles, rapper Alfamega is hoping that by the end of this summer, everyone will know of the “Grand Hustle Muscle.” Following Head Banger, his well-approved collaborative record with Busta Rhymes, Alfa is looking to hit ‘em over the head once more with his new Nitti produced street record, Uhh Huh. Featuring ad libs from T.I. and Nitti moonlighting as an emcee (seriously, what producer hasn’t tried his hand on the mic these days?), the song is your typical “I get money-I smoke weed-I get b*tches-you are inferior” trunk popper. Look out for the release of Mega’s Grand Hustle/Capitol debut, I Am Alfamega, later this year.