Alfamega - Sittin Up High

  • Artist: Alfamega
  • Track: Sittin Up High
  • Producer: Chef
  • Album: I Am Alfamega

While doing time in prison, rapper Alfamega had a reoccurring dream. In it, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega, would repeatedly appear. After asking his cellmate about the significance of the letters, he learned that they meant ‘the beginning and the end.’ Six years later, his stage name is just starting to become popular and the “Grand Hustle Muscle” hopes that his Omega is still a long ways off. On the new song, Sittin Up High, Mega boasts about his current position in the rap game and bouncing around several labels before finally catching on with T.I. two years ago. I Am Alfamega, the rapper’s debut album, has no current release date.