Algebra Blessett - Danger Zone


Proceed at your peril, Booth readers; we've just entered the Danger Zone. Granted, I'm not sure exactly what kind of a threat Algebra Blessett's latest single poses to the unwary ear—maybe hearing damage, if your volume is up too high?—but one can never be too careful. Those who do hit play on this cut, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, will be rewarded for their daring with an uncommonly fresh and complex R&B jam. LT Moe's beat, a mix of live instrumentation, synths and polyrhythmic percussion, backs the ATL singer/songwriter as she struggles (unsuccessfully) to escape from her attraction to a certain man. Capped off with some thrilling melismatic runs, Danger Zone is just one of many soulful cuts to be found on Blessett's Recovery LP, pre-orderable now in anticipation of its release on Tuesday, January 28.