Aminé - Bother

  • Artist: Aminé
  • Track: Bother
  • Producer: Les Sins
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Note: Infinit Records LLC has requested this record be removed.

As someone who's not so well-endowed in the “attention span” department, I find few things more frustrating than having someone knock on my door and distract me when I'm plugging away at a piece of writing. By blasting Aminé's latest featured work at max volume, I may be able to head that problem off at the pass. On this offbeat cut, released to celebrate the one-year anniversary of debut mixtape Odyssey to Me, a driving rhythm section borrowed from Toro Y Moi alter ego Les Sins's identically-titled jam backs the artist as he wards off potential intrusions with a curt, “Don't Bother me, I'm workin'.” This record is just a loosie, but those feeling it can, of course, keep it locked to the Booth for the latest on the Infinit Records buzzmaker's 2015 plans.